Puerto Rico 

El Criollo Grill

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          Geno ArroyoNative Puerto Rican ( Owner), Since A child his dream

         was to have his own food service business, then came the Food Truck                 " El Criollo Grill ". Geno is a food lover, as a former U.S. Marine he had a great opportunity to travel the world tasting many different types of cuisine, then as a Truck Driver for more then 20 years driving all over the Unite States and tasting Latin Food which he never found a real Puerto Rican cuisine out of the Island of Puerto Rico, until he met his life long companion Nancy Rosado-Vilchez.   Nancy Rosado-Vilchez, native Puerto Rican, since her childhood she would always cook with her parents.  She pursued to work in 5 stars hotels in the hospitality industry learning from the top notch Puerto Rican cuisine chefs, specialized in Latin food.  This fantastic combination of top notch Puerto Rican professionals is now established in Tallahassee, Florida to offer the best authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.